Vivobarefoot Gobi Boots Review

*I purchased the Vivobarefoot Gobi Ankle Boot with my own money and Vivobarefoot did not pay me to write this review.

Cost: $100+

Size: I usually wear a size 9 or 9.5 in women’s and I ordered a men’s size 40 (they fit perfect)


  • I purchased these to wear to work in an office (with black pants) and they are perfect for this purpose. They can be dressed up or dressed down.
  • Vivobarefoot Gobis are flat, zero drop, flexible and have a wide toe box
  • They are dressy enough to wear to work and are very well made (mine are leather)
  • I have thin ankles and the laces allow me to have a perfect fit (as opposed to an ankle boot with no laces where you just slip your feet in)
  • They keep my feet dry on rainy days even if I walk through small puddles
  • Vivobarefoot Gobi Boots can be worn with socks or barefoot. My feet are usually cold so I always wear them with socks (I didn’t wear sock for these pictures so you can see what they look like on me)
  • They were comfortable the minute I put them on and they did not hit my ankles in any odd spots to run blisters
  • The leather starts to conform to my feet and softens up the more I wear them


  • The toe box isn’t super wide and my toes feel a bit tight when I wear correct toes
  • I added a thin wool insole because they don’t keep my feet as warm as I’d like on cold days
  • The tongue doesn’t separate from the lace area and it can be hard to get my feet in when I have on thick socks and correct toes
  • Vivobarefoot shoes are not known to have the widest toe boxes and they can be pricey (I luckily found these on ebay for an excellent price)