Madden Girl Bailey Sneaker Review

*I purchased these with my own money and Madden Girl did not pay me to write this review.

There are many different companies that make sneakers like this and I would highly recommend any of them: Roxy Bayshore, Mad Love Lennie, Payless Skylar Sneaker

Cost: $20+

Size: I usually wear a size 9 or 9.5 and I am comfortable in a size 9.5 in this style of sneakers / casual shoes. I first purchased a 10 to give my toes extra room but they stretched too much and became way too big (the size 10 was a Roxy Bayshore model)


  • The cost is excellent and low for a super cute casual shoe that is almost perfect in all of the barefoot / minimalist shoe categories
  • These shoes are flat, zero drop, super flexible and the toe box stretches enough to give my toes room to wiggle
  • There is a small amount of cushion that feels great under my feet
  • They are easy to slip on and off quickly
  • I can wear them with or without socks but I prefer to wear them barefoot
  • The stretchy part on the back of the heel makes the shoe comfortable from the minute I put them on and I don’t get heel blisters
  • The toe box is much wider than Converse All Stars / Chuck Taylors, but these shoes have a similar classic look
  • There are so many different fabric choices in this type of shoe
  • I’ve washed these shoes in the washing machine (gentle cycle) twice and they came out great (clean and didn’t fall apart)


  • The toe box gives my toes room to wiggle and doesn’t squish them, but it isn’t wide enough for me to wear correct toes
  • I wear these shoes very often and they show wear quickly- I don’t think they will last a long time and I’m guessing I will have to replace them in a year