Injinji Toesocks Review

*I purchased Injinji Toe Socks with my own money and Injinji did not pay me to write this review.

Cost: $10+

Size: I wear a size 9 or 9.5 in a women’s size and I bought a size Medium of the Run Lightweight No-Show socks.


  • Injinji Toe Socks are well made and the material feels soft on my skin (I’ve tried other toe socks that were scratchy and fell apart quickly)
  • The back of the socks comes up a bit higher on my heel than the rest of the ankle area and it helps prevent heel blisters
  • Toe Socks help my toes splay and keep them in a more natural position than regular socks that push my toes together
  • Injinji Toe Socks make Correct Toes more comfortable to wear for long periods of time because the silicone isn’t against my skin all day
  • The material of these socks keep my feet cool in shoes
  • Injinji makes socks for every occasion and activity: run, compression, everyday, boot, tall, short, etc.


  • Injinji Toe Socks cost more than a pack of traditional socks
  • These socks take much longer to put on because you have to fix each toe
  • It took a few wears to get used to socks between all of my toes
  • If I take my shoes off anywhere, toe socks have an unusual look and people ask questions