Pediped Originals Baby Shoe Review

*I ordered these with my own money and Pediped did not pay me to write this review.

Cost: $10+ (Amazon usually has the best prices and shipping)


  • The cost is excellent and low for a great minimalist / barefoot shoe for babies and toddlers
  • Pediped Originals are a great first shoe for a baby or young toddler
  • These shoes are flat, zero drop, flexible, have a wide toe box and stay securely on a kid’s foot
  • The sole is soft and great for a baby’s foot development and allows ground feel
  • Pediped Originals come in many different styles including mary janes, sandals and sneakers
  • These shoes can be worn with or without socks and are very soft inside and out
  • Pediped Originals are widest at the end right at the toes (a great shoe feature)
  • Most styles of the originals are made of leather


  • Pediped Originals which are the most flexible ones in the Pediped collection only go up to size 24 months (shoes in larger sizes don’t seem to have as wide of a toe box and aren’t as flexible)