Otz Raingineered Boots Review

I am looking for a tall, black dressy boot for work and I wondered if these would work.

*I purchased these with my own money and Otz did not pay me to write this review.

Cost: $175 at Otz Shoes

Sizing: I ordered these in a size 40 (I am usually a 9 or 9.5). I could feel my toes touch the end but 41 was out of stock.


  • Extremely well made and a high quality boot
  • Fast shipping and great customer service with free returns
  • I can wear them in the rain or snow
  • They have great traction
  • They have a removable cork insole that makes them zero drop and more flexible
  • Wide toe box felt great for my toes to spread and I can wear my correct toes


  • I have small calves and they were too big even with the adjustable buckle at the top
  • Cost is a bit high
  • They are not quite dressy enough for me to feel comfortable wearing in an office setting